August 21, 2007

Terror Dry Run on Seattle Ferries?

seattle_terror_fbi.jpgThe FBI are seeking assistance in identifying these two men. The two men have been reported behaving in an unusual manner on a number of Seattle area ferries.

The photos of the two men were taken by a quick thinking ferry worker. More photos below.

The FBI has been searching for the two for a couple of weeks, but have now asked the public for help. The FBI cautions that the two may have done nothing wrong and that what looks suspicious to some people may be nothing at all. But it seems obvious that those who thought they were acting suspiciously had terrorism on their mind.

Just a precautionary measure? Yes, but Reliapundit reminds us that the Millennium Plot was foiled when a single border guard did something unusual: detained an Arab getting off a ferry.

Several ferries run between Seattle area cities and the Great White North. Ahmed Ressam, the would-be Millennium bomber, was traveling between Victoria, B.C., Canada to Port Angeles.

Michelle Malkin also notes that ferries have been attacked by Islamist terrorists in the past.

Again, precautionary. Probably no big deal. They may be nothing more than curious about how ferries are operated. But if you have information about them, please contact the Seattle FBI.


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