August 16, 2007

Rice Presents Power-Sharing Plan To Pakistani President

Benazir Bhutto is reportedly the subject of "hush-hush" talks between Washington and Pakistan's President Musharraf. According to AFP, Secretary of State Condi Rice presented a power-sharing plan to Musharraf by phone last week:
From AFP - US officials believe that an alliance with Bhutto would be Musharraf's best chance of remaining president, the report said, noting declining domestic support for the military general, a key US "war on terror" ally.

The White House said Thursday that top US officials had met with major Pakistani political players in an effort to bring about "a moderate political center" and free and fair elections there.

"We support free and fair elections in Pakistan. We have met with various parties there. This is ultimately decisions for the people of Pakistan to make," said national security council spokesman Gordon Johndroe in Crawford as Bush took a vacation on his Texas ranch.

"What the United States wants to see is a peaceful, prosperous, secure, stable Pakistan -- that's in the interests of the Pakistanis, the interests of the region, and interests of the whole world. We want to see a moderate political center form there, following democratic processes," he added.

But Johndroe stopped short of confirming reports that Washington was prodding Musharraf to share power with Bhutto.

Bhutto has a long and sordid political history, and her performance has rarely lived up to her pre-election rhetoric. However, in this case, it seems she is prepared to make good on her recent promise to return to Pakistan from her self-imposed exile before the end of 2007.

It appears the U.S. government is hoping to usher in round three of Bhutto's political career.
Somehow, I doubt that will be a good thing for America in the long run.

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