August 15, 2007

U.S. Hosted Website Teaches Terrorists to Kidnap Americans-- UPDATE & BUMPED: PWND!



Wow, that was quick :-)

PS---Speaking of terrorist websites masquerading as "news" outlets, it looks like W-N-N is down, too. Again. Looks like someone is having trouble holding on to their DNS.......
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OrgName: Colo4Dallas LP
Address: 3000 Irving Blvd
City: Dallas
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75247
OrgAbusePhone: 1-214-630-3100

Al Hesbah has long been a favorite information outlet for the online jihadis, especially al Qaeda. The forum legitimizes itself by citing MSM organizations as "members" of the forum, when they are really there to monitor what the online jihadis are saying.

The guide to taking hostages itself is not actually new, it's been around since at least 2002, but it's once again making the rounds.


The guide begins by enumerating goals that a kidnapping can achieve, including the release of prisoners, extraction of information from the hostage, weakening the enemy's morale and creating deterrence, raising international awareness of conflicts in which the kidnappers' organization is involved, blackmailing the enemy for money, and generating anti-government sentiment in the hostage's country of origin.

In the section dealing with selecting a target, the guide recommends choosing someone of importance to the enemy (such as a high-ranking military officer or a prominent businessman). However, he should not be a physically strong person who can put up significant resistance. In order to ensure that the operation goes smoothly, it is recommended that he be knocked out with tranquilizers.....

The last section of the guide deals with the demands stage, and states that after stipulating their demands and setting a deadline, the kidnappers must conduct negotiations using a mobile phone registered under a false name, or else a pay phone (a different one for each call). The guide also explains that if it becomes necessary to execute the hostage, this is best done by hanging or poisoning rather than by shooting. This is because soldiers regard death by shooting as an honorable death, and because shooting leaves considerable bloodstains at the scene.

Funny, they don't mention a thing about beheading the victim.

Infidels are Cool has more.

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