August 14, 2007

Video: James Ujaama on Jihad

James Ujaama pleaded guilty to terrorism related charges today. Watch the video below of Ujaama and you'll see why he really had no choice.

The video, which was first found by Glen Jenvey, linked Ujaama to Abu Hamza. It wasn't until after seeing the video that Glen had taped and which had worked it's way to the FBI that Ujaama agreed to testify against Abu Hamza. After being released from jail, though, Ujaama fled the country. He was later returned to the U.S. where today Ujaama plead guilty and agreed, once again, to testify against his former associates.

Seattle Times:

James Ujaama, the Seattle man who pleaded guilty in 2003 to aiding the Taliban, admitted to a federal judge in New York on Monday that he fled to Belize last year to avoid testifying against his alleged co-conspirators.

Ujaama, 41, also pleaded guilty Monday to three terrorism charges, including a conspiracy charge related to Ujaama's efforts to establish a jihad-training camp in Bly, Ore., in 1999....

In exchange for the two-year prison sentence, which he completed in 2005, Ujaama agreed to testify against several high-profile alleged terrorism supporters, including al-Masri and at least two of al-Masri's alleged henchmen, Oussama Kassir and Haroon Rashid Aswat.

Aswat has been questioned about the July 7, 2005, London subway and bus bombings that killed 56. All three men have been indicted in the U.S. in connection with the Bly training-camp plot.

Ujaama fled the U.S. with a fake Mexican passport on Dec. 5 of last year....

Ujaama said Monday he fled because he did not want to testify against al-Masri....

Ujaama had said he feared for his life, but federal officials said they aren't convinced his life was in danger. They believe Ujaama may have been attempting to regain credibility within some radical Muslim circles by fleeing to avoid testifying against al-Masri, Kassir and Aswat.

He has also claimed in several occasions that he's "not guilty" of anything. Watch the video and decide for yourself. In it Ujaama speaks of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. He also praises Osama bin Laden.

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