August 07, 2007

Western Tax Money Funding Hamas

I noticed a story about the U.S. Treasury Department freezing the assets of a charity which was really a Hamas front running this morning on LGF. CT blog shows the ties between the charity and Hamas here.

Fearing that the al-Salah Society may have a website that is hosted in the U.S. I did a quick Google search to find out. Instead, I found that your tax dollars have been used in the past to support the Hamas front.

The PNGO is a:

US$ 41.9 million project, funded by the World Bank ($19M), the governments of Canada ($0.6M), Italy ($9.7M), Saudi Arabia ($2.5M), and the United Kingdom ($8.4M), the Islamic Development Bank ($1.1M) and the Welfare Association ($0.6M).
The PNGO gave a grant of $12,900 to the Al Salah Islamic Society to help finish the Hamas run medical clinic in the al Maghazi "refugee camp" (think city) in Gaza.

So, we indirectly funded Hamas through the World Bank. The British, Canadians, and Italians even more directly funded Hamas through the PNGO. First give them the money, and then freeze it!

Your tax dollars at work!

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