August 05, 2007

New al Qaeda Video Shows Zawahiri, Adam Gadahn, Threatening U.S. Homeland

UPDATE 8/07/11:22: Full al Qaeda / as Sahab video of Adam Gadahn and Hafiz Usman in English here.


A yet to be released video by al Qaeda's as Sahab media group shows Orange County, California native Adam Gadahn ranting against the West. Gadahn, who is known by Azzaz al Amriki, has appeared in several al Qaeda produced videos and is the only American indicted for treason in the global war on terror.

The video was intercepted by Laura Mansfield of Strategic Translations. The first few minutes of the video can be downloaded at Strategic Translations. UPDATE: Laura has gone ahead and uploaded the entire video.

UPDATE 8/06: AllahP has posted the short intro.

The video starts with a cartoon showing a car running into what appears to be a Presidential motorcade. Both cars, including what is presumably supposed to be the President's, explode. UPDATE: It seems that it's actually the recreation of an attack on an American diplomatic vehicle in Pakistan.



In a short introduction, we see Adam Gadahn saying, "The amount of respect we hold for your international law, is even less than the respect you hold for defying sharia (Islamic law)". UPDATE: More from Gadahn:

How can we recognize a law which states that the Embassy or Consulate is for all intents and purposes an inviolable fortress which the host country has no right to enter or monitor and when our sharia’h commands us to liberate every handspan of Islamic land occupied by the unbelievers?”....

Therefore, we shall continue to target you, at home and abroad...

Pulling even embassies from Islamic lands? Those are reasonable demands.

He also drones on railing against failure to recognize the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan"--which to you and I is the Taliban--as if they were a legitimate government to be negotiated with. It's surprising how few people know the proper name of the Taliban shadow-government. When we've done battle with the Taliban's official websites in the past, many service providers wanted proof that the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" website was connected to the Taliban.

CNN has this to add from the video intercepted by Laura:

In that video he issued President Bush a series of "legitimate demands" that he said must be met to avoid continuing jihad against Americans everywhere.

Those demands ranged from pulling out all soldiers from "every Muslim land," to halting support of the "enemies of Islam" and of Israel, to freeing all Muslims held in detention centers and prisons.

Failure to take any one of the steps, he said, would be "considered sufficient justification" for continuing the fighting and killing.

Ayman al Zawahiri also appears on the video condemning Pakistan for this or that crime (yawn).


The real star of the video appears to be Qari Uthman, a "martyr" who's example, we are told, should be followed. Since I neither speak Urdu or Arabic, it's not exactly clear to me what he "martyrdom operation" he is responsible for. AllahP and I were talking about it and I think he's right: this is probably Qari Usman, who was allegedly involved in a plot to kill Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

UPDATE 8/06: The Blotter identifies the man as Al Hafez Othman, who killed four people in an attack on the United States Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan last year


The video also tries to link the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to a greater war on Islam. Again, yawn.

So, this al Qaeda's "big surprise" they warned about two days ago? Yeah, big surprise that Adam Gadahn is still a traitor. Big surprise that Zawahiri still hates America. I'm, er, shocked.

Since I know Adam still reads the Western media and he's also online from time to time, here's a personal message. Dude, none of this makes you look cool. You're still a loser. And this video? It sucks. You're a major retard.

And if I should ever get my hands on you before your hideout in Quetta gets bombed, believe me one of us is not walking out of that room alive.

Double Hat Tip props to Laura Mansfield for keeping me in the loop on this. We would have posted last night, but I had to get some sleep.

UPDATE: Okay, I've finally taken the time to watch the entire new as Sahab al Qaeda video. It runs well over an hour and there is an English subtitled version of it. I tried my best to upload the thing but it's over 200 MB and there are no free video hosts that will host something that big. The smaller versions are simply unreadable.

My opinion from last night hasn't changed: Gadahn and friends are all talk, no c*ck. But here are a couple of screenshots I thought you might want to see. They are from two long segments giving the Islamic justifications for attacking embassies and ambassadors.

The first mentions a global conspiracy against Islam in which the embassies are really used to control the Muslim countries.


The second rails against the United Nations as part of this grand conspiracy of Crusaders.


I'll end by embedding this video I found of just the Adam Gadahn speech. Any one who wants the entire English language video, just e-mail me and I'll send you the link and password.

PS--Does any one know of any free software that can be used to split FLV videos? If you do, drop me an e-mail.

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