August 03, 2007

Incoming! TNR Story About to Be Nuked by Army (UPDATE: KABOOM)

UPDATE: Investigation completed. Bob Owens: Beauchamp and TNR PWN3D. Your move, TNR.

An investigation of the allegations were conducted by the
command and found to be false. In fact, members of Thomas' platoon and
company were all interviewed and no one could substantiate his claims.
Hmm. AllahP:
Unless the Army comes up with compelling evidence disproving his story it’s going to end up as the military version of a he said/she said where each side simply believes whom they’d prefer ideologically to believe and leaves it at that. Let’s hope what they’ve got is as specific as Goldfarb’s quote implies.
Yes. Let's.
- - -
"[R]efuted by members of his platoon and proven to be false." That's apparently what passes for rigorous investigation at The New Republic these days. The Weekly Standard has this:
We are still working on getting something official. And we just heard from a reliable source that we should "stand by for a statement about to come from the Army saying their review of Beauchamp's story shows it to be a combination of complete fabrication and wild exaggeration."
Sounds juicy. Can't wait.

All that huffing and puffing by our resident trolls, all that blind support for "their guy in the sh*t," all that sneering self-righteousness, about to be brought low by an actual investigation. Not a TNR investigation, which (apparently) includes a week-long vacation in the midst of not fact-checking its stories, but a real look at what Beauchamp said happened versus what actually happened.

The milbloggers and soldiers were wrong to question Beauchamp and his lies, though. Questioning anti-military hacks and liars is unpatriotic. And how do the leftists respond to this imminent blow to their little self-imposed kerfluffle? Do they retract their smears, rants, psychotic ravings and slanders against those who actually want the truth in this matter? Do they repent for jumping reflexively to defend this gifted fabricator of a Warrior Poet who never thought he'd get caught doing what he did?

Sadly, no! They question your credibility sexuality!

The New Republic is likely to add another name to its wall of shame (not willingly, of course), and we're about to get another club with which to beat them over the head with forever.


Thanks to Ace, pointman extraordinaire.

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