August 02, 2007

TNR Finds 'Minor' Errors After Fact-Checking

Let the slithering walk-back begin.

Yeah - that woman whose face melted at a forward operating base in Iraq?

She wasn't in Iraq in a forward operating base, as Warrior Poet Beauchamp "reported."

She was a country away in Kuwait, as was Beauchamp. Sorry - Kuwaite (Beauchamp's spelling).

Iraq. Kuwait. What the hell's the difference? Actually, if George Bush 41 hadn't done something, there would be no difference because Saddam was such a peaceful advocate of regional stability. Damn that BOOSH! Undermining TNR like that!

And the brutality of the war Beauchamp whimsically reported? Well, he wrote it nine months before deployment. Its the same, though. He is the first soldier in history to know in his heart, dammit, that war is brutal and hard work. And his prophetic, clairvoyant vision came to pass simply because he's the greatest poet in wartime history. Ever. Ever.

Click on over to Ace's to see TNR confirming things that weren't strongly contested, while ignoring and not confirming other things that were. Apart from the 100% true, accurate mistake just highlighted above.

Looks like Beauchamp was more than an idiot. I was a liar as well.

Exit phrase: "One soldier confirmed..." "One soldier confirmed..."

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