August 02, 2007

Another al Qaeda "Emir" Bites the Dust


MOSUL, Iraq – Iraqi Army soldiers from the 2nd Iraqi Army Division shot and killed three members of the Islamic State of Iraq terrorist organization, including its leader Safi, the touted al-Qaeda in Iraq emir of Mosul, after they were fired upon Aug. 1.

The incident took place during a series of combined operations involving the 2nd Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police throughout the city of Mosul. The 2nd Iraqi Army Division headquarters element, including Brig. Gen. Moutaa, commander of the 2IA, were conducting cordon and search operations in northeast Mosul when Safi and three of his bodyguards were spotted in a pickup truck.

The convoy gave chase and pulled the vehicle over. All four men exited the pickup and began firing at the IA soldiers. Moutaa and his security element returned fire, killing all three.

“This is a great example of the cooperation between the Iraqi police (who provided the profile and made sure his picture was widely distributed and familiar) and the Iraqi army (who actually stopped Safi),” said Col. Stephen Twitty, commander of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. “The Iraqi Security Forces are leading the way here in Ninewah Province, unilaterally executing Provincial Governor Kashmoula’s security plan with incredible success.”

“The death of Safi will further disrupt senior AQI leadership in Mosul, which has been unstable since May, due to the combined efforts of Coalition Forces and ISF offensive operations,” said Twitty.

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