July 31, 2007

Wonkette Jumps on Tillman Trutherism

Wonkette used to be reasonably funny. Yes, I laugh at jokes centered around sex in an uncomfortable place---and I don't mean the back seat of a VW. Is Tillman trutherism--the theory that Pat Tillman was murdered on orders from President Bush so that he wouldn't come home to meet Noam Chomsky and become the next great white hope of the anti-war movement, now that Saint Cindy Sheehan needs a replacement--contagious? Like an infectious disease?

I expect this stuff over at dKos, but not at Wonkette. I wonder what Anna Marie is thinking when she reads her old blog? It seems that with each day the crazy Left and the Democratic Left seem to be getting closer and closer together.

Wonkette: Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman? : Updated with link to Ace, rather than the Wonkster.

What's funny is that when you start checking the sources of the 'facts' that are thrown in with the facts--such as Tillman's plan to meet Chomsky, which are the basis of the conspiracy theory--they inevitably lead, in circular fashion, back to a conspiracy website.

Hat tip: Bad Candy via AllahP who's caught in a little conspiracy controversy of his own.

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