July 30, 2007

Second Korean Hostage Murdered!

Sung Sin Shim Sung-min.jpg
Shim Sung-min, martyr. Murdered by the Taliban for crimes against Islam. The "crime"? Accused of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

UPDATE 16:40: Video of theTaliban's South Korean hostages.

Breaking news via CNN:

KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- Taliban kidnappers shot dead a male South Korean hostage on Monday, a spokesman said, accusing the Afghan government of not listening to rebel demands.

"We shot dead a male captive because the government did not listen to our demands," spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by telephone.

UPDATE: Michelle finds another article naming the victim as Sung Sin, most likely 29 year old Shim Sung-min. RIP. If any one has a photo of Shim Sung-min, please send it to me so we can honor this martyr. UPDATE: Found pic at Yonhap News.
In a video released yesterday, a female hostage claimed that the Taliban captors threatened to shoot them one-by-one if their demands weren't met.

UPDATE by Rusty: Where is the outrage?!?!!!!

Yesterday, Qari Youseff Mohammed posted this at the Taliban's website:

Since the captivity of 23 Korean, who had come to Afghanistan as a representatives or preachers under control of International Catholic Church to spread Christianity in Afghanistan, Kabul and Korea started negotiations with us but there in not any successful step in negotiations. In the beginning of negotiations we wanted our prisoners to be released and Korean to leave Afghanistan and showed them our plan but Kabul is not true or pure in negotiation and makes cleaver actions to delay the crisis. So we want from Kabul and Korean government to give us positive answer up to 12 o’clock 8th of (Zamari) month. If we don’t get positive response up to selected time Emarat-e-Islami will start killing Korean hostages.
Remember, this is the true face of the regime that Jihad Johnny Walker Lindh was defending, and now the L.A. Times wants him released!

UPDATE: AllahP notices that the Afghan government claims they have the Taliban who are holding the hostages surrounded. The only problem is that we've been hearing that from the beginning. Let's hope it's true and let's hope that they do go in after them. But I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE 13:05
: I've decided to dedicate a single archive to the Korean hostages in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 13:33
: Tim at OpinionBug:

Folks, pleading with these monsters isn’t going to bring the hostages home. They are in the hands of men controlled by Satanic forces. And they are doing what is in their evil heart. Murder.

The hostages continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

Indeed they will.

UPDATE 13:42: Here are the names of the 19 hostages that are members of the church group: Bae Hyung-kyu (43), Lee Sun-young (37), Seo Myung-hwa (29), Cha Hye-jin (31), Seo Kyung-seok (27), Ko Se-hun (27), Kim Ji-na (32), Kim Kyung-ja (37), Yoo Jung-hwa (39), Je Chang-hee (38), Shim Sung-min (29), Lee Joo-yeon (27), Yoo Kyung-sik (55), Song Byung-woo (33), Lee Young-kyung (22), Han Ji-young (34), Kim Yun-young (35), An Hye-jin (31) and Lee Sung-eun (24). The other hostages are members of an NGO operating in Afghanistan. They have not been identified.

UPDATE 14:14: Fox News has a clip of a video of the hostages aired on al-Jazeera today. UPDATE: So do we. Video of South Korean hostages here.

UPDATE: Taleban rebels turn back on deal and kill second Christian hostage They lied. What a surprise.

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