July 27, 2007

Kos: Tillman Murdered for Chomsky Admiration, Antiwar Views

pat-tillman.jpgIt's about time someone finally connected Noam Chomsky to Pat Tillman's death. Another Kos diarist goes off the deep end. This time with help from the AP which leads yet another story about the tragic death of Pat Tillman with this:

Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.
By which, the Kosbats infer that Tillman was murdered. They don't believe part of that same AP article which says that eventually an investigation was done, including the murder angle, and that friendly fire was determined to be the cause. Nope, the official investigation is just propaganda. Manufactured consent.

Kosbat diarist kestrel9000 posts a number of news stories and quotes, carefully edited, to make it seem that Tillman was murdered because of his alleged anti-Iraq war views and because of a potential meeting with Noam Chomsky. Quoting another odd Leftist conspiracy theory website, the Kosbat sums up the "evidence" for the Chomsky-Tillman death squad theory:

We have confirmed that Tillman had arranged to meet with a leading anti-war intellectual, Noam Chomsky, upon his return stateside. One can imagine the panic in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the vision of the much trumpeted poster-boy hero of the War on Terror returning home and speaking out against the evil charade of the War.

That aspect, combined with the nature of the wounds, the destruction of evidence, the first-level coverup, and the dream promotion of the commander in charge... well, you see where this is going.

Ha, Bush or Cheney ordered the "hit" on Pat Tillman! I knew it.

You'll notice, here, the brief glimpse of honesty from the anti-war Left. Chomsky is not an anti-Iraq war advocate. He's an "anti-war" advocate. Yes, Chomsky and the hardcore Left opposed "the good war" too. You know, the one Tillman was fighting in Afghanistan.

Anyway, as long as we're coming up with conspiracy theories involving Chomsky, why not just assume Chomsky ordered Tillman's death because of his involvement in what Chomsky believed was an immoral and illegal war in Afghanistan? Howard Zinn was the gunman, I'm sure.

Is the post causing the others in the Kos community to shout down the author? Nope. I haven't read all the comments, but there are 357 as of this writing. None of the first 20 are even slightly critical of the lunacy, and of the last 20 comments only two try to argue that Tillman wasn't murdered or that the sources should be double checked.

The nutroots, naked, revealed!

UPDATE: Firedoglake's Tillman Trutherism

In other words, Pat Tillman was most likely murdered in the field. In cold blood. By other US soldiers.
Methinks some people watch too many movies. And a bonus, Tillman Trutherism hits Google News: Did Bush Admin Order Tillman Murdered to Silence Him?

UPDATE II: Wesley Clark, a Tillman Truther?

He essentially says that if Tillman was killed deliberately the orders “came from the top” and manages to invoke the idea of a Rovian plot along the way.
Wow. Just, wow.....

UPDATE III: Ah, the Tillman Trutherism rolls on in, of all places, Rolling Stone. Which stops short of calling it a hit ordered by President Bush, but which wonders if Tillman was fragged....for of all things, telling another soldier to shut up and stop sniveling. Yeah, that's unusual in the military. The kind of jive that gets you fragged...

It's the Oliver Stoning of American views of the military.

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