July 26, 2007

Scott Thomas/TNR Caught in Plame-ish Operation?

Ace has been doing some behind-the-scenes digging with a few other bloggers, and finds what appears to be a Plame-ish operation involving spousal recommendations of TNR staffers / associates and the selection of Scott Thomas as an official TNR war 'correspondent.' Or something.

Some of the info isn't fully confirmed yet. TNR also apparently fired someone over this kerfluffle this morning...something doesn't smell right over there (when has it ever), so stay tuned for the fact checking of this TNR writer's claims, and of the fallout that may ensue at TNR.

UPDATE by Rusty: Confirmed Scott Thomas Beauchamp's wife fiance (hmmm, or maybe right the first time, already married?) is Elspeth Reeve, a TNR staffer.

Does she get fired? Nope, the conservative TNR staffer that outted her did.

UPDATE 2: A Special Ops "chickenhawk" offers to be the new TNR Baghdad Diarist. Ace snarks:

He won't get the job. For one thing, he's qualified. For another thing, he can't be guaranteed to deliver the anti-military fictions Beauchamp did.

For a third thing, he's not going steady with anyone at TNR.

Check Hot Air and Ace for some of today's developments - they've developed pretty quickly since the gates of TNR were stormed. TNR apparently spent last night hunting down and firing a conservative writing there for tipping bloggers off to the incestuous/conflict of interest (and literal) relationship between Scott Thomas and TNR staffer Elspeth Reeve (Beauchamp). Kind of a key fact to know, dontcha think? Conflicts of interest? Compromised objectivity? An insider-orchestrated smear job on the military from a radical leftwing publication?

Dirty, dirty, dirty. TNR has apparently been sniffing around LGF as well.

Maybe we should check our IP logs.

TEH FUNNY: The she-males at Sadly, No! are wetting their pants at the very notion that this little stunt by TNR is (gasp) being examined for veracity and factual accuracy! That, and (shock) things are being discovered that cast doubt on the (heh) honesty and integrity of their newfound favorite dog-killing, atrocity-aiding misogynist Warrior Poet.

STING/SET-UP?...Some have speculated that this might be an elaborate "get the wingnut bloggers" rope-a-dope. Ace doesn't think so. If so, that means TNR is putting a lot of false information (fabricated websites and assorted other lies) into the air. Whose honesty and integrity is at stake here again? TNR's. They can't get away from this, and they've already fired someone over this story.


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