July 26, 2007

So Should Scott Thomas Face Charges?

UPDATE: Welcome Lefty trolls. Looks like we were right. Turns out Scott Thomas Beauchamp got his job at TNR because he is engaged to a TNR staffer. Oh, and it looks like they fired someone for outting this relationship.

Now that the TNR source has been revealed, the questions can now be asked of him and TNR - should he face charges for participating in alleged massacres and sociopathic behavior, for witnessing this kind of behavior without reporting it up the chain of command, or are the things he 'reported' merely exaggerations or at worst outright lies?

Probably more of A and B than C.

These questions have been raised at prominent milblogs by those who've served and who called out this TNR source.

And predictably (in typical leftist fashion), Scott Thomas is calling everyone questioning the veracity and factual accuracy of his highly suspect 'reporting' a "chickenhawk." That's right. The milbloggers, many of whom have served in Iraq and others that are career military men, are "chickenhawks."

Funny how the definition of chickenhawk, as defined by the left, morphs from "never served yet supports the fight against terrorism" to "is serving in Iraq/Afghanistan or has served and doesn't agree with the Democrat Party." Pathetic.

Not that it has bearing on this case, but it should also be noted that Scott Thomas was a lefty blogger and an antiwarbot before his stint in Iraq. By moonbat logic, that makes him a shill for the DemCong.

Let him flail - to me, the "chickenhawk" crap is a smokescreen and an indication that he wants the attention focused on him and not on what he 'reported' that caused the controversy in the first place.

TNR owes everyone an explanation as to why they appear to be complicit in this individual's behavior, up to and including multiple violations of the UCMJ. They only want readers, and this is a really disgraceful way to go about getting them.

Man up, TNR. Time to pay the piper.

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