July 25, 2007


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Christian martyrs die for their religion. Contrast that to the shahids (martyrs) who nearly always kill for their religion.

The Taliban released these two statements today on their website:

We have given them the list of eight Mujahideen prisoners for exchange (for eight Koreans) but they are dealing with the issue carelessly.

The deadline has already expired. We will kill some of the Koreans today if we don't see any developments in the negotiations the government of President Hamid Karzai was "not honest in negotiations.

The Taliban are not freed, then some of them will probably be killed. Our patience is running out
As every body knows that Afghan government is not true in negotiations as we had given them a list of our Mujahedeen prisoners but we have gotten no response and they have taken no action. There fore we killed one Korean (Han Que) son of (Huchonk) at 3:43 in Qarabagh in Ghazniunder Islamic constitution of Islamic Emirate We want again from Korean government, public and parliament to pressurize Afghan government to do something about Korean fate. If we do not get response from the government left Korean will be killed at 1:00 am.

Pray for Bae Hyung-kyu's family, and for the 22 hostages that are still alive.

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