July 18, 2007

Emerson to Scheuer : "You`re the most educated person in the world, yet you know nothing"

Steve Emerson and Michael Scheuer were on Glenn Beck duking it out on the subject of Islamic motivations. Video here.


SCHEUER: Yes. I think really, Glenn, that the problem we have is -- is the motivation is very important. They don`t hate us for who we are. They don`t like who we are.

But why they`re attacking us is because we support governments like the Saudis, like the Egyptians, because we`re on the Arabian Peninsula.

Islam is a very diverse civilization, and the only reason bin Laden has been able to generate any unity is because Muslims, extremists and whiskey drinkers running the spectrum, hate U.S. foreign policy.

BECK: Steve, last word here.

EMERSON: Iím sorry. With all due respect, that`s a lot of malarkey. They may hate U.S. foreign policy. They hate the United States . They hate secularism. They hate the separation of church and state. They hate our values, and nothing will stop them, other than to see our obliteration.

Whether in fact thatís a possibility or not, they believe it is, and that`s the only thing thatís motivating them.

SCHEUER: Thatís a very silly statement, and it`s dangerous because.

EMERSON: It`s not a silly statement, Michael. I mean, come on, Michael. You know as well -- you have been under...

SCHEUER: Only an uneducated person would make a statement like that.

EMERSON: Iím sorry to be uneducated.

SCHEUER: Iím sorry you are too, sir.

EMERSON: I`m sorry. You`re the most educated person in the world, yet you know nothing.

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