July 12, 2007

CAIR's Hypocrisy

I have no doubt that since 9/11, Muslims in America have been looked at with closer scrutiny and suspicion. I also have no doubt that this makes Muslims uncomfortable, conflicted, and suspicious. But if the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is so pro-America, then why are they not encouraging Arabic and Pashtun speaking Muslims to join the military, FBI, and CIA? Why is it that we still have thousands of intelligence, translation, and liaison positions open for lack of Arabic speakers?

During WWII the Japanese were put under a level of scrutiny and suspicion virtually unimaginable today. Movies such as The Siege portray a rather unrealistic slippery slope of Arabs being rounded up due to fears of terrorism, but we should never forget that the Japanese were actually rounded up and put into concentration camps on U.S. soil.

Yet, despite the real abuses they suffered at the hands of the U.S. government, Japanese Americans volunteered in record numbers and served with distinction above and beyond the call of duty. The all-Japanese 442nd Regimental Combat Team and 100th Infantry Battalion were some of the most highly decorated units during the War.

And having fought valiantly for our country, Americans looked back with shame on how they treated the Japanese. Their fears about them really were unfounded. The Japanese proved this with their lost lives.

Where is the Arab 442nd today? Where is the Paksitani 100th? If CAIR really was interested in bettering the relations of Muslims with non-Muslim Americans, then they would be out in the community demanding more volunteers to serve our nation. Instead they seethe and whine over every abuse, real or imagined.

And the vast majority of even the real abuses suffered by Muslim-Americans amount to no more than what all of us were exposed to on the playground. Ignorant words that hurt, exclusion, the look that says your not welcome, etc. If CAIR is right, than apparently my mother was wrong about words vs. sticks and stones.

Whining has become America's national pastime, though. So, perhaps, by being a bunch of whiners about their hurt little feelings, CAIR is just trying to show how American their members are?

Anyway, here's the story that started this rant. Joel Mowbray in WaTimes:

CAIR has mastered the art of appearing to oppose terrorism, while at the same time leading the charge against those who seek to thwart it....

CAIR has, in fact, condemned what it considers to be extremism and terrorism when targeted at Muslims. If a Muslim is the victim of a possible hate crime or has been subjected to a religious slur, CAIR is there. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. And the group is well within its rights when it routinely rails against the United States and Israel.

What CAIR does not do, though, is denounce Islamic fundamentalists who promote a paranoid worldview in which America and Israel are the enemies of Islam, achieved by manufacturing mythical massacres that whip their followers into a lather.

During Israel's war last summer with Hezbollah terrorists, CAIR was firmly on the side of the fundamentalist Islamic propagandists. The organization issued at least eight condemnations of America and the Jewish state but not one against Hezbollah.

Never in its history has CAIR specifically condemned Hamas or Hezbollah by name.

See why this set me off? Read the rest.

UPDATE: Aye carumba, another CAIR "John Doe" lawsuit coming?

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