July 11, 2007

Weird: Clinton Called DC Madame?

OK - I don't know what to make of this, so treat it with a large grain of salt and a chortle.

I've been perusing the DC Madame phone records, and whilst looking through the Sept. 1994 bundle, I Googled (202) 789-1234, and got some site called "Background Check." I can't find any other pages, but it seems to list a background check of GW Bush, while including numbers, residents, neighbors, etc. for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The number right next to 202-789-1234? William J. Clinton. Now, the number is also the number for the Park Hyatt Hotel, so I don' t know if this is just some weird page, or a hit job on GWB that inadvertently listed something it may not have intended to, or whatever.

Here's the phone record for September 7, 1994:


And a screencap of the "Background Check" site:
So was the Clenis a patron of the DC Madame? Who knows - somebody from the Park Hyatt in DC could have just as reasonably made the call. I'm not sure what their number was in 1994, and I do know from reading Gary Aldrich's Unlimited Access that Clinton had a habit of being whisked out of the White House unannounced to WH security and unaccompanied by Secret Service to hotels and other spots around DC. So fweh, I dunno. Maybe this "Background Check" site is just a fabrication. If you wanna dig deeper, be my guest. I'm too tired, and my sides hurt from laughing.

Exit Q: Given what we know about the Reign and shape-shifting legacy of Clinton, is this scenario entirely beyond the realm of possibility?

UPDATE: A commenter at Riehl's site points out that these calls were made by the DC Madame's service to the listed numbers. David Corn, as he claims, is treating the numbers as if the clients are calling the DC Madame. I'm not sure how much it changes things - the sex service calling congressional offices and such. We'll probably have to wait for some more serious analysis of these records. Still, Congressional offices and (alleged) White House numbers popping up on an escort service's phone records is still indicative of a problem, no matter who's doing it.

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