July 09, 2007

Liberal Blogger/Porn Editor Wants Uncle Ted Dead

Hart Williams, Via WND (cause I won't link Hart): Whoever wants Ted Nugent is welcome to him, but I would prefer that you would call it now, so as to conserve on ammunition. We will need to manage it prudently. But when the day comes that they have finally set brother against brother, and sister against sister in the name of their pocketbooks, I won't approach exterminating them with anything approaching remorse. They've already told me what they think of me, of my friends and of my peers. Now, I'm returning the favor. Put that in your pipe and have the WSJ editorial staff show you how to smoke it, Nugent. Courage."
Typical liberal wuss! He can't stand up to Ted man to man, because Ted would rip his head off and crap down his neck, so his solution is to shoot dear old Uncle Ted. And for writing an article, oh my god, where are all those free speech liberals now?

Sneaking up on Ted Nugent's Ranch with a gun? Errrr....uh...good luck with that?! It appears Ted should be able to defend himself quite well.

This is the article that Ted wrote that upset the dead hippie worshippers.

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