July 06, 2007

The Taliban Challenges Jawa, Jawa Responds

No joke, the Taliban have posted a message on a well-known Islamic forum addressing me, Rusty Shackleford, indirectly. In it, they gloat that their website is back online. I'll just add: for now.

Here's a rough translation:

Islamic Emirate / the return of the Voice of Jihad network web page on the Internet. The MERCIFUL return of the popular Voice of Jihad the Internet network.

In name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer to the prophet Mohammed Messenger of God, and all his companions that follow his guidance.

For a long time now the official site of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan - Taliban has been shut down-- due to the exposure and prosecution it was closed by the enemies of Islam. [editor's note: the "infidel enemies of Islam" that got the website closed was The Jawa Report---mwuhahahaha!]

Now, we praise God for His generosity for returning the official site of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan-Taliban to work again on the internet by helping the officials of the party, most notably brother Karim / Abdullah minister-correspondent of the popular network.

You now browse the pages of the Voice of Jihad and follow the news of the country [Afghanistan] and news releases and informative material through connecting with


which you all know and pray to Allah Almighty that the Voice of Jihad pages remain and that the the arrows hit right in the heart of falsehood.

Peace and God is Greater, Glory to God and the Prophet and the believers in your brothers pages (Voice of Jihad) official site of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan long -

In essence, the Taliban webmaster is gloating that our temporary victory over their now defunct website was short lived. I believe the gauntlet has been officially thrown down.

The Taliban vs. The Jawa Report

In one corner: lone anonymous part-time blogger and his small circle of friends and readers.

In the other corner: large well funded Islamist party which once controlled an entire nation and which has millions of sympathizers around the world.

Who will be the ultimate victor? I wouldn't put my money on the Taliban.

For alas, if you follow the links at the new Taliban website it appears that the Taliban are having a hard time keeping them working.

Oh, look what else has happened. It looks like the whois privacy service that was protecting the webmaster, bought and paid for by the Taliban, is no longer working.

Having a bad day there Karim & Abdullah?

e-mail the Taliban: alemarah1@yahoo.com

PS--The official Taliban website is still receiving business services from the Vancouver, Washington Dotster company which masks the webmaster hosting the Taliban website through their Privacy Post service.

You can complain to Dotster here.

Webhosting complaints should be directed to:

Hat tip: Internet Anthropologist

PS-I was thanked by the Feds for helping get the last Taliban website yanked. So, spare yourself the worrying that they want this website to remain up. They don't. And providing business services (even free services) to the Taliban remains a Federal crime in the U.S. as well as in most countries.

: I'll be talking to my brother from another mother tonight on the Rusty Humphries show around 9:35 Eastern. Just in case you ever wanted to hear the Jawa speak.

UPDATE II: Beth recommends that if you want to e-mail anonymously, you can do so here. Personally, I use Gmail, which is also anonymous, but there are other programs and websites that do the same thing.

UPDATE III: Here is a listening guide. I'm listening here.

Another email address to their webhost here, abuse@hivelocity.net, Hivevelocity terms of service. Useful to quote in emails, as the site is in clear violation.

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