June 30, 2007

Video of Terror Attack at Glasgow Airport

Via Sky News:

Two people are being held after a burning Jeep was rammed through the terminal building at Glasgow airport. The incident is being treated as a terror attack, a nearby hospital has been evacuated, extra police are at other UK airports and the Prime Minister is chairing a Cobra emergency meeting.

As she arrived at the Cobra meeting, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith described the Glasgow incident as "serious".

The Jeep Cherokee was rammed into the terminal at 3.11pm this afternoon.

Witnesses reported hearing a series of loud "bangs" and saw two men - one of whom was on fire - emerge from the vehicle.

As holidaymakers ran screaming from the terminal, one member of the public managed to floor the man who was in flames.

The suspect was then arrested by police and taken to Paisley's Alexandra hospital, which has since been evacuated.

The second man was arrested and taken to Govan police station.

UPDATE: U.K. raises security alert to 'critical,' indicating imminent terror attacks

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