June 29, 2007

Is the Conservative Grassroots Just a Paper Tiger?

Allah thinks so:

[Arlen Specter] is why I scoff at threats that we’re going to bounce those who voted for amnesty with primary challenges. If we had any power to get rid of incumbents, don’t you think we would have sent this tool packing decades ago?
I think Allah raises a decent point, but I also think an awful lot of folks in this country are just now waking up to how much the elite machinery protects its own. George W. Bush was able to give the Snarlin' Spectre a nice boost to fend off a primary challenge by Pat Toomey just a few years back. Any chance that Bush could swoop into Pennsylvania and give Spectre a big boost today? Not much.

It's not just Bush. The rank-and-file Republicans are a lot less likely today to trust the party leadership in general. I believe that collapse of trust is going to make a difference next year. How much of a difference remains to be seen.

If we can't pry the worst RINOs out in the primaries, then I may be more receptive to Ace's position on what to do about these guys in the general.

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