June 28, 2007

What Did Ann Coulter Really Say?

The broadcast networks and other mainstream sources have deliberately misquoted conservative author Ann Coulter as wishing for John Edwards' to be killed by terrorists. Coulter was actually criticizing HBO propagandist Bill Maher for wishing that terrorists had killed Vice President Dick Cheney, a remark that was completely ignored by the MSM.

Video here.

Update: Maher may not have said exactly what Coulter claimed.

Writing at ABC's blog Political Punch Jake Tapper quotes Maher as questioning why the Huffington Post deleted comments wishing for the Veep's death, and then said:

"No, Iím just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live," said Maher. "Thatís a fact."
Tapper softpeddles Maher's malicious comments, but does note that MSM outlets were "unfair" in truncating Coulter's sentence. Tapper does not address the issue of Maher being given a pass by the MSM on his comment, nor does he comment on the absurdity of "we in the media" correcting the gross dishonesty with a post on a relatively low-traffic blog.

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