June 28, 2007

Burqini Opposed by Muslim Scholars

A recent Islamic fashion breakthrough was made with the creation of the burqini, a marriage of burqa and bikini. The garment was designed by Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti who wanted to provide specialized sportswear for Muslim females while embracing Islam and obeying their Islamic belief in dressing modestly.

The burqini (pic) has been described as like a full-length wetsuit with built-on hood, but somewhat looser and made of swimsuit material instead of rubber. Frankly, I think it looks more like pajamas with a shower cap. Either way, it doesn't seem as though the burqini would make athletics easy, rather just possible.

Although some Muslim females are excited about the burqini, the scholars of Islam are opposed. According to Safa Suling Tan of The Muslim Weekly, the burqini shows the shape of one's shoulders, arms, legs, and neck. It is also without extra covering for the chest so the shape of the breast can be seen and, horror of horrors, the feet are exposed for anyone to see.

In summary, the burqini compromises one's faith and displeases Allah.

[According to Tan] "I am sure most of us Muslim women would love to catch a break on the wave, go jet skiing and wake boarding, or just good old free styling, but I am more sure that most of us have given up those pleasures to seek the greatest one -- that of pleasing Allah."
Therefore, the burqini is considered immodest and contrary to the wishes of Allah. And Muslim females should not be thinking of swimming, jetskiing and other beach activities at all.

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