June 30, 2007

MSM Replaces Term, Obvious Signs of Torture (updated/bumped)

The MSM has replaced the phrase, "obvious signs of torture" with "beheaded".

AP Via Yahoo News: BAGHDAD - Twenty beheaded bodies were discovered Thursday on the banks of the Tigris River southeast of Baghdad and a car bomb killed another 20 people in one of the capital's busy outdoor bus stations, police said.

The beheaded remains were found in the Sunni Muslim village of Um al-Abeed, near the city of Salman Pak, which lies 14 miles southeast of Baghdad.

The bodies all men aged 20 to 40 had their hands and legs bound, and some of the heads were found next to the bodies, two officers said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

Several outlets have used the term beheaded this morning including NPR and WAPO.

I'd praise them for finally doing so, except for the fact that they are about 3 years late.

What gives? Opinions?

Update 06/30/07: Whoa! Fake Alert! Interesting, a fake decapitation story. The terrorists in Iraq regularly claim to have beheaded people and I'm sure they still do at times. After all choppin off heads is second only to soccer as sport in the Arab world.

What really sucks is all those times people really were beheaded the MSM chose to say, "obvious signs of torture." The only time they actually used the word beheading was in a badly sourced, fake story.

I knew something was fishy abuot this. Just could not put my fingerin on it. Confederate Yankee has the story on the fake story.

The Associated Press, Reuters, and a small Iraqi Independent news agency called Voice of Iraq released stories Thursday about the massacre of 20 men near Salman Pak, who were supposedly found decapitated on the banks of the Tigris River.

But something seemed inherently wrong with the accounts I read from the Associated Press. The only two sources for the Associated Press article were anonymous police, not located in Salman Pak, but from Baghdad (more than dozen miles away) and Kut (more than 75 miles away).

Because of this odd sourcing, I asked Multi-National Corps-Iraq and the PAO liaison to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior to investigate.

I published their preliminary findings as they came out in Bring Me The Head of Kim Gamel.

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