June 28, 2007

(Bumped) Interview: SEAL Marcus Luttrell, Author of 'Lone Survivor'

BUMPED - ** In light of the approaching Fourth of July holiday, please take the time to watch this 13 minute interview. You won't regret it. **

Previous Jawa recommendation of this book here.

Listen carefully to what he says about the restrictive rules of engagement, the politicians that come onto his battlefield and tie his and his brothers' hands in the face of the enemy (he's not talking about Republicans), the deaths of 19 of his brothers in arms as a result of being handcuffed by these restrictive rules of engagement, the abysmal media coverage/reporting and lack of general knowledge the press has about the war, and how the media told his mother that he was dead before the military did.

Go ahead, libs. Call this military hero liar. I dare you. The only lies bring told are the ones you've been telling yourselves day in and day out since the war started.

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