June 27, 2007

LGF & Weasel Zippers Call Wordpress' Bluff on Hosting Terrorist Propaganda

The Jawa Report has run serveal posts on Wordpress hosting terrorist website. We and the Jawa readers have sent dozens of complaints to Wordpress. Today LGF is linking to Weasel Zippers with an update.

These are a few of the many Jihadist sites being hosted by Wordpress, all of which advocate global Jihad, call for the destruction of Israel, glorify 9/11 etc. These blogs are dedicated to spreading the message that Jihad is the way of establishing the global Caliph, each gives a fascinating yet scary insight into the danger we face....

Here are a three active and well produced sites (all in English)....

LGF has a tremendous volume of readers, we'd like ask that everyone reading write posts and send as many strong and business-like complaints as possible. There seems to be one factor that rises above all others when trying to convince a provider to take down a terrorist website. The level of noise from complaints must become too loud to be ignored.

We are sometimes sucessful in taking down terrorist websites by complaint. The next option is to report the websites and providers to the authorities. the more reports and complaints, the more success.

We call on Wordpress to take these websites down immediately. When you host your enemies' propaganda on your own soil, you not only betray your country, you contribute to the injury and death of our men and women serving abroad.

Wordpress has been less than helpfull, Dreamhost and Google have been impossible to get any action from. Once online Jihadis find a service that offers them a safe harbour, they proliferate quickly on that service. Once it becomes clear a service is hostile to their presence, they move on.

Being a rock in a terrorist webmaster's shoe is more effective than you might think. Constantly having to move sites is not only a morale killer and a bother, it sometimes leaves a fresh financial trail that can be followed.

Hat Tip: Black Flag.

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