June 25, 2007

New Zawahri Video Urges Hamas to Implement Sharia Law

A new Ayman al-Zawahiri video available at Laura Mansfield's website calls for support for Hamas's takeover in Gaza and warns against trying to overthrow them. He also spoke to Hamas leaders, telling them the point of having power is to be able to "implement God's word on earth." (via Fox News)

Al-Zawahiri urged Hamas to implement Islamic law in Gaza, telling it, "Taking over power is not a goal but a means to implement God's word on earth."

"Unite with mujahedeen (holy warriors) in Palestine ... and with all mujahedeen in the world in the face of the upcoming attack where Egyptians and Saudis are expected to play part of it," he added, suggesting that the two countries intend to attack Hamas to uproot its control of Gaza.

"Provide them (Hamas) with money, do your best to get it there, break the siege imposed on them by crusaders and Arab leaders traitors," al-Zawahiri, who is Usama bin Laden's top deputy, said, addressing Muslims around the world. "Facilitate weapons smuggling from neighboring countries."

"We can support them by targeting the crusader and Zionist interest wherever we can," al-Zawahiri said.

The video is 25 minutes long and features a short clip of Zawahri and Osama bin-Laden back in the glory days, accompanied by a still picture of Zawahiri and a mind-numbing audio track. I've already posted the good part of the visuals above. I'll post the transcript when it becomes available.

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