June 23, 2007

VideoFest: ANSWER, Brown Supremecists Get Pwn3d By Various Patriots

A few months old, but perfect for some weekend red meat.

Starting off, we have ANSWER and various brown supremacist groups and individuals rallying for illegal immigration and against three incarcerated border agents. They get confronted by a group of Lindsay Graham's America-supporting bigots. We soon see, however, who the real bigots and totalitarians are.

Watch more anti-illegal protestors (otherwise known as patriots) get nearly assaulted and barraged with hate by brown supremacists, illegals and illegal-immigrant supporters - in LA, USA - below the fold. There are a handful of other videos there to get your blood pressure up as well.

Who are the haters? Whose country is this? Who cares, say the friggin' jackasses in Congress! Let 'em all in! They're patriots, hating the legal Americans that legal Americans refuse to hate! Go Team Bush! Tell the bigots to shut up, Lindsay (if you can even identify them)!


Anti-illegal march I
Anti-illegal march II

Watch a pro-illegal nutjob try spitting on the anti-illegal protestors get punked by the police:

And here we have some loud-mouthed b*tches chanting "La Raza something" slinging racist, foul-mouthed hate at protesters who have the audacity to suggest that the laws of our country be enforced:

Here they are after throwing a bottle of water at an elderly women, screaming hate at her in Spanish, and mocking her:

And here, we have a Mexican racist telling anti-illegals to "go back to Europe." Wonder who he votes for - we're apparently racist, murdering, thieving, illegal citizens here in the US:

And we leave with a drunk, loud racist scraming for us to "go back to Germany," and even yelling "Viva Saddam Hussein" at one point.

Now go PASS that amnesty! The survival of the nation depends on letting these racists get what they're demanding!

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