June 21, 2007

Media Matters Fails To Notice Journalist's Political Contributions (Updated)

...and here we are, doing the job that Democrat noise machines refuse to do.

As of right now, they have nary a word or sneering screed to say about the MSNBC list of journalists that donate overwhelmingly and unabashedly to Democrat political candidates.

Not. A. Word. Apparently, political conflicts of interest in media don't matter.

Or maybe that's because their President and CEO donates exclusively to Democrat as well.

It also means that, since both Media Matters and 90% of the journalists listed as Democrat donors are in the same boat, that Democrats, Media Matters and the mainstream press work in simpatico. That is, they're all one and the same noise machine.

I await their "nuanced" take on this little bombshell. If it ever comes.


MORE... A while back, a vigilant Freeper caught the Washington Post's star reporter Dana Priest attending a panel in October of 2003 called "Cowboy Diplomacy" (w/ photos), sponsored by the liberal think tank Center for International Policy (headed by Priest's husband, William Goodfellow). Who else was seated at the table with Priest at "Cowboy Diplomacy?" None other than Joe Wilson, for whom the CIP got speaking gigs. More on that whole thing here.

The MSNBC article on the Democrat journalist list above says this:

Donations and other political activity are strictly forbidden at The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, CNN and NPR.
Not really sure when that WaPo policy kicked into gear (of they simply lok the other way for Priest), but it really doesn't matter - nobody was enforcing it anyway. And NPR? That's a larf. Look at the list under "radio." All (D)'s.

It doesn't matter anyway - telling journalists they can't donate to political candidates won't stop them from being biased in favor of those candidates. It will simply make their biases financially untraceable, which is the obvious next move by the media organizations. CYA time! Someone lifted the rock, scattered the roaches, and now the change has got to come down.

This list also proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the mainstream press is balanced by FOX and talk radio, not threatened by it. Tough cookies there, libs.

We're having a field day with this one. You lefties all had it coming for a long time, and now the sunshine has been let into some of the smoky newsrooms of the major media outlets of America. Read 'em and weep.

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