June 20, 2007

Hirsi Ali Confronts Media's Role in Permitting Jihad

Tough questions for the "objective" media:

"Journalists ... face the unpleasant reality of taking sides or getting lost in the incoherence of the so-called middle ground," she said. "The role of journalists serving the West, who understand what this particular battle is about, will be to inform their audiences accordingly."

Hirsi Ali said journalists must acknowledge the discrepancies between tenets of Islam and foundational beliefs of the West before they can accurately report on Islamic-related events.

Although Hirsi Ali praised journalists' work since the Sept. 11th attacks, she said reluctance to defend Western values against Islamic threats surprises her.

"Why are Westerners so insecure about everything that is so wonderful about the West: political freedom, free press, freedom of expression, equal rights for women and men and gays and heterosexuals, critical thinking, and the great strength of scrutinizing ideas - and especially faith?" Hirsi Ali asked.

She said Western journalists appeared hesitant to defend free speech - "the very right from which they earn their bread."

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