June 13, 2007

Terror Threat Against Ohio Nuke Power Plant?

nuclear_simpsons.jpgThe Davis-Besse Nuclear power plant is near Oak Harbor, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie. Sandusky Register:

An alleged threat against the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station surfaced Sunday night, Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton said.

The potential threat was viewed as serious enough for the to call in the FBI Monday night.

Someone called the Port Clinton Police Department reporting two Arabic men wrote a note on a napkin while at McCarthy's Restaurant and Pub in downtown Port Clinton, Bratton said.

Port Clinton police Detective Bob Case said a note was written on a napkin with the word 'boom' and a depiction of a power plant, not necessarily Davis-Besse.

When will CAIR chime in on this one and complain about 'racial profiling'? Here's a hint about context: when Matt Groening draws a nuclear power plant going 'boom', it's funny.

Hat tip: Robert Spencer?

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