June 10, 2007

Anti-American Hacker/Spammer Attacks Jawa

Howieparanoid.jpgYou may have noticed problems accessing The Jawa Report and Jawa comments. We have been under a sustained heavy spam/DDOS since Friday.

I posted an email a terrorist thread earlier in the week. What prompted the post was a new Islamic spam email promoting and English translation of a Spiegel interview with al-Qaeda that has a French Yahoo email but originated from Germany.

So the next time I received the spam I struck up a discussion with the spammer/terrorist propagandist. Turns out he's quite a prolific spammer, hacker, and bot-net propagator.

Just after our “discussion” the spam volume at TJR overwhelmed our comment system and had us completely offline on Saturday Morning. Coincidence? I think not. I’m sure since comments have been offline there are quite a few of you with pent up feelings you would like to get off your chest. I feel it is appropriate that we express our gratitude for this attack on The Jawa Report.

This email is live I promise because he replied to me several times but stopped just before our site was attacked. I also can’t shake the suspicion that cipdtf is our resident Spam Bastard who has been spamming Jawa comments for some time.

Here is the GIMF spam in question, I’d advise against visiting his site as there may be nefarious software present there, but if you are into that kind of thing and willing to take the risk…

(note: I have been unable to go there, I’m not sure if he took it down or if my filters blocking him)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to present you the latest interview from the GIMF, the Global Islamic Media Front:


This interview is not satire! It is 100% true! We had to translate it from
German. But we didn't add, delete or change anything.

As we are all young and non-European, the questions have been more interesting and more intelligent than the questions usually asked by traditional media. For instance:What do you think about Paris Hilton? What movies do you watch? Or do you really believe in the 40 virgins?

However, some questions were more conventional. One example: Are the US in danger of further attacks?

About us: We have a satirical Ivorian(Côte d'Ivoire) website. And we are usually fighting hate and racism in our own country. But from time to time we are also dealing with international topics. And as we had a lot of problems with Lobbyist in the past –in the US, even our Christian politicians were described as "pro-Al Quaida" (http://cipdtf.ruwenzori.net/English/LeLobbysmAntiMusulmanEnglish.html)- and as things seem to go very bad in Iraq, in Afghanistan and even in Europe, we thought that it would be a good idea to interview the GIMF.

Of course, we don't support international terrorism!

Respectfully yours,


Hmmm, so just who is Jacques KOULIBALY? First off he calls his organization, “"The Ivorian Committee for Peace and the Total Destruction of France." It appears another of his victims has already figured that one out.
Google translate link truncated: Jean Marc Liotier and Jacques Koulibaly) which report/ratio? Jean Marc Liotier is the owner of the site http://www.ruwenzori.net and Jacques Koulibaly (made up nickname starting from Jacques Chirac and of Mamadou Koulibaly) is that which signs the articles of http://cipdtf.ruwenzori.net. Are the two characters different or one is the shade of the other?
So I did some more searching on cipdtf. I’m not sure that cipdtf is part of GIMF. He seems to use spam to generate links to almost anything in order to draw traffic and attempt to increase his zombie machine network. He is also staunchly anti-American and calls his group, “young and non-Europeans.” I found some quotes attributed to copdtf here’s one.
link truncated: I have today reached the opinion that I don't think anymore that Hitler was bad, or that Milosevic was bad. Because the same media (International radio-stations like BBC, Voice of America, RFI, etc) that presented Hitler and Milosevic as criminals, are now presenting me and the Ivorian Patriots who suffer from the rebellion, like hangmen, though it is us who are suffering from the rebels."
See bad is good and good is bad. Cifdtf may not be directly related to GIMF. I have a feeling he is just taking advantage of GIMF and Paris Hilton to drum up some traffic. Regardless he is bad apple and obviously sympathizes with the terrorist’s cause, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” But if I were the authority looking into the explosion of GIMF terrorist propaganda from Germany this would be a good place to start. He has all the skills that an organization like GIMF would need.

A few more links to related info below.

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Original Anti-American Hacker/Spammer Attacks Jawa post here at The Jawa Report.

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