June 09, 2007

Kerry Blogger Courting 9-11 Twooferism

Another Nutroot tries to mainstream 9-11 conspiracy nonsense. This time, a blogger at The Democratic Daily, with their 'editor' approval, pushes the whackaloon documentary "9-11 Press for Truth," as well as links to a bunch of "sane" websites that have been flayed alive and debunked as the crackpot sites that they are. If you don't like being bukkaked with stoopid (to borrow a phrase from Maddox), don't click the links. If you love that sort of thing, be my guest!

Pat at Screw Loose Change has the lowdown here.

And if you're bored enough to actually try to sit through the nutbar movie, you can see the sourcing problems, factual inaccuracies and WTC7 lies/insanity exposed in all of their moonbatty glory.

The "editor" of this Democrat blog is Pamela Leavey, who describes herself thusly:

Pamela Leavey was a writer for the 2004 JohnKerry.com Campaign Blog from August ‘03 through the 2004 election cycle. She was one of the top three contributors to the Kerry campaign blog.
She also types this in her comment section:
This is one of those things that the average American doesn’t want to know about and the government like so many other things doesn’t want Americans to know about.

I didn’t know Brave New Theaters was promoting this. That means it’s getting a little more attention now. Good deal.

Indeed. Nibbling at the apple, as it were. "Just asking questions."

The flamewar that erupted in the comments between a particularly vile commenter and the regulars is amusing, too. The poster, who goes as "Bohemian Grover," keeps rambling about "the Frankiln case" in between threatening people's families, typing rape fantasies, and...well, just read it for yourself.

The sickness is spreading, and it is spreading among the Nutroot Democrats. Stay tuned.

And don't forget to check out Unfastened Coins, 2d. Ed. The Titanic "official story" didn't go down like you think it did.

UPDATE: The nutter in the SLC thread has been banned and his comments erased. You can still see some of what he wrote from others who copied and pasted his vile filth, though.

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