June 09, 2007

Woah Baby, Look at All Those Dots Up There

After reading this at A Jacksonian I know our government doesn't function much, if at all.

Via A JacksonianFor quite some time I have been pointing out the problem of Transnational Terrorism, organized crime and the unaccountable shipment of goods and money via various routes legal, illegal and gray. And today, a serious dot in the black comes to light and a major h/t to Instapundit for the link to the Washington Times article on three men indicted with threatening America. And with that the first *real* break into crossing between the various realms comes to the forefront! Let me give you some of the meat of the article:
Three arrested in arms plot to kill Americans
By Jerry Seper
June 9, 2007

A suspected international arms dealer was arrested yesterday in Spain and charged with conspiracy to sell millions of dollars in weapons to a State Department-designated foreign terrorist organization in Colombia to kill Americans.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Karen P. Tandy said Syrian national Monzer Al Kassar....

Stop right there. Go on to read the article, This man, Monzer Al Kassar comes up over and over and over in drug and arms smuggling rings. He sells arms to just about anyone, only catch, you need to be an Enemy of the United States or Israel. Which ones? Well, all of them really. I mean it you must read all this story

He did this all this time and lived? CIA Central Inert Agency.

Hat Tip: Larwyn.

Update: Also see See-Dubya at Junk Yard Blog.

I'm seriously fired up about this. This is awesome. This is Big News.

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