June 05, 2007

Plot to Overthrow Laotian Government

(Fresno, California) Although it may sometimes appear that plotting to overthrow the U.S. government is an everyday political exercise, plotting to overthrow a foreign government while on U.S. soil is a serious felony.

Neighbors said federal agents swarmed a house about 10 Monday morning. Those who live on the street say they showed up in military type vehicles with full body armor on and large guns.

It's just one of 8 places searched in the Central Valley in an investigation that has international ties. One by one FBI and ATF agents raided several homes and at least one business.

Government Officials are tying together an investigation that has spanned 6 months. Under arrest are 8 people, including several prominent Hmong leaders.

77 year old General Vang Pao is being charged as the ringleader for plotting to overthrow the communist government of Laos. Also charged are Lo Cha Thao of Clovis, Hue Vang of Fresno, Lou Tao of Sacramento, Youa True Vang of Sanger, Chung Yang Tao of Fresno, Chue Lowe of Stockton and Seng Vue of Fresno.

Federal Officials say the group was planning to make an initial purchase of 125 AK-47 assault rifles, 20 thousand rounds of ammunition and crates of smoke grenades.

It wasn't too long ago that America actually helped in plots to overthrow communist governments. Times have changed. The U.S. now helps protect the commies.

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