June 04, 2007


allahmater2.jpgA mirror image of the name Allah has been discovered inside a Tomato in Oxford England. More proof that Islam is the one (cough) true (cough) religion (choke).

Via Oxford Mail: A family from Oxford believes Allah has sent them a message by appearing in a tomato.

The Khalids, of Maidcroft Road in Cowley, have been swamped with well-wishers from the Muslim community after making the discovery while preparing a salad.

Uzma Khalid, 19, spotted what looked like Arabic writing on a segment of a tomato which she chopped in half last week.

On closer inspection she discovered the writing mirrored the word 'Allah' - written in Arabic.

She said: "I just chopped the tomato in half and thought I saw the word Allah in it.

"I thought, 'OK that's a bit weird', so I showed it to my mum and she said it definitely says Allah."

Apparently this is not the first Allahmater ever discovered.


Hmmm, tomatoes were once called, "The Devil's Apple", coincidence? Next thing you know they will find Allah written inside the neck of a decapitated person.

Hat Tip: Macktastic Rusty Wicked.

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