May 30, 2007

The Incredibly Lucky Pali Stringer Photog's Second "Missile"

Talk about your luck. It's lucky enough that you get a high-resolution photo of one Zionist "missile" milliseconds before it hits some poor innocent Palestinians standing around, minding their own business. It's like winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning---rare, but it happens. But what kind of four leaf clover do you have in your pocket to get two photos of Zionist-Crusader missiles raining down on the heads of innocent women, children, and (presumably) cuddly panda bears? [click for larger]

Nusseirat Refugee Camp, -: An Israeli rocket (slighty right of C) is visable as it falls toward great plumes of smoke that rise from a Hamas Executive Force building during an Israeli air strike in Nusseirat refugee camp in the centre of the Gaza strip, 25 May 2007. Warplanes pounded the Gaza Strip for a ninth day today as Palestinians continued to fire rockets into Israel despite a call from Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas for a truce. AFP PHOTO/MAHMUD HAMS (Photo credit should read MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)
Oddly enough, this second photo seems much more believable. To borrow the words of the British Left, did Mahmud try to "sex up" his original "missile" photo?

Thanks to Curt.

Brian from Snapped Shot remains skeptical of my skepticism, but shares my disdain for the usual Pali media swarm and staging of the "wounded".

Meanwhile, David of Lunde Designs believes he has found the original photo, which implicates the imperialist Americans in the plot to kill innocent Palestinian women, children, and kittens:

Pali Missile Attack-export.jpg

That picture Dave sent in was much bigger in the original, but I cut it down for publication. Look closely at it. Which one is the "real" "missile"? [image zoomed 2x]

Pali Missile Attack-export-big.jpg

Can you hear me now? See how "tough" it is to Pshop a "missile" into a photo?

And a second photo, this one of a cruise missile, quite probably the "original" that somehow Haliburton paid the poor Pali stringer to Pshop out. I have it on good information that Haliburton records documenting the various crimes of the Vice President were stored in the Hamas headquarters...


UPDATE: Tarzan, with what could possibly be the missing photo:


These are not the "missiles" you are looking for. Move along.

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