May 29, 2007

Twoofer Assaults Guliani

A rabid Bush supporter Sheehan-like 9-11 nutter ambushed Rudy Guliani outside of a fundraiser, calling him a "criminal of 9-11" and demanding to know why he told Peter Jennings "why the towers would fall."

Howard Stern and crew said the same things on their live broadcast while watching the towers burn (download the show from a P2P network and listen to it yourself.) Its called "the striking powers of observing something with one's eyes."

For the Twoofers - if you get hold of one of these audio files, the exchange occurs at approximately 1:20:57. I recommend it to anyone as a perfect example of the drama, imperfect news reporting (yes - the MSM reports incorrect facts and information on a daily basis, ie. secondary 'explosions' during the collapse which were no more than the debris clouds caused by the collapses, etc.), false information and pure confusion that we all experienced on that day.

The Twoofer response, of course, is that Stern and Co. were obviously 'in on it' too. He is Jooooooish, after all. Much more here and here. Mucho debunking here.


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