May 26, 2007

Don't Panic! Four Terror Suspects Escape Probation; one a Zarqawi associate

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British authorities have released the names of four terror suspects who have "escaped" the British equvalent of something like probation. Iraqi born Bestun Salim, Algerian born Lamine Adam, Ibrahim Adam, and a British convert to Islam Cerie Bullivant were named yesterday as individuals wanted by authorities for violating their "Home Office control orders"---which are orders to check in daily with a monitoring service and to not leave the country, kind of like probation.

You read it right.....probation. But, don't worry, the four are not thought to be an immediate danger because they were plotting to kill American and Britons abroad. So not-an-immediate-danger are the four that authorities in the U.K. have put out the equivalent of an APB and have released photos and updates on possible appearance changes by the escaped terror suspects.

Don't. Panic.

Oh, and one of the not-really-immediately dangerous escapees is a known associate of former al Qaeda in Iraq leader---and current holder of the Guiness Book of World Record's most infidel beheadings in a single year--Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Don't. Panic.

Spero News:

Lamine Adam, Cerie Bullivant and Ibrahim Adam were subjected to Britain's controversial "control orders" but it has been announced that all three have now escaped. Brothers Lamine Adam (26) and Ibrahim Adam (20) are related to one recently convicted terrorist. Cerie Bullivant (24) is an associate of the two brothers.
A control order is something like double secret probation, I'm guessing.
Lamine Adam was mentioned in the Operation Crevice trial, which concluded on April 30. Five people, members of the Al Muhajiroun group, were given life sentences on this date for plotting to blow up planes, trains, pubs, nightclubs and a shopping mall in Kent. The convicted men had been arrested in March 2004 after 600 kilograms of explosive fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, was deposited at a storage depot in Hanwell, west London.
You'll recall that al Muhajiroun was headed by long time foe of The Jawa Report, Omar Bakri Mohammed.
One of those sentenced to life imprisonment on April 30 was 24-year old Anthony Garcia (born Rahman Adam) who is a brother to two of the fugitive suspects.
At Garcia's trial, testimony was heard that his older brother, Lamine, was also involved in the bomb plot. Lamine was never prosecuted for his involvement, but instead was given probation for trying to join al Qaeda linked forces abroad and has now escaped.

Don't. Panic.

While the Crevice group was making its plans, Lamine Adam had been working as a train driver for the London Underground.
Terror suspect....working as subway driver....with links to al Mujahiroun....and al Mujahiroun members were behind the 7/7 London transit bombings....

Don't panic, he was banned by his "control order" (probation) from driving the Tube (subway) withouth written permission from the government.

Don't. Panic.

They may already have left the country.
Or, they may not. A source has told me, off the record, that the public should be on the look out for the three and that at least one of the men has not left the country. The three are known associates of the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed. Wherever Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (formerly al Mujahroun, al Ghurabaa, etc.) members congregate, you may find the three.

My source also indicates that the three may pose, contrary to the mixed messages being sent by the Labour government, an immediate danger to the public. I stress the word immediate. The Home Secretary has warned the public not to approach them, but to contact the authorities immediately.

Algerian-born Lamine and Ibrahim Adam should have reported to a "monitoring company" (not the police) on Monday evening, but did not appear. Cerie Bullivant failed to appear before police on Tuesday. He has since cut his hair short.
Here is a pic of Cerie Bullivant, taken from a CCTV camera, with his hair cut short.


As for the fourth suspect:

Iraqi Bestun Salim, an associate of terror chief Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi who was killed by US troops last year, went missing from Manchester last August.

Salim had breached his control order seven times before going missing and is now believed to be abroad.

An associate of Abu Musab al Zarqawi was on *&^%#$ probation!!!

John Reid said the following about the missing men:

They are dangerous. We can take nothing for granted, even though the security services assessment is they do not pose a direct threat to the public in the UK. I've never hidden from the house there are limitations in the legislative framework in which we operate. I have consistently made clear control orders are not the best option. They are not in my view even the second best system for tackling terrorist suspects.
Gee, ya think?

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