May 25, 2007

Patriotism 101 : The Iraq War

1) Administrations do not go to war, nations do. We did not fight the Nazis, we fought the Germans. The Nazis had no armies, the Germans did. America is at war. This is not Bush's war, it is ours. If you do not consider this your war, then you missed the patriotism boat, because it is. To think of this as someone else's war is to think of yourself as no longer part of American society.

2) Once committed to war, the only option is to win. We already won the original war in Iraq--against Saddam Hussein. But this is a different war. The war today is against violent Islamists, all related in one way or another to al Qaeda or Khommeinists in Iran.

Oddly, the Democrats supported the war against Saddam Hussein, but seem intent on losing to al Qaeda and Iran in Iraq. If anything, the meritis of this second war in Iraq are far greater than the merits of the war with Saddam Hussein.

If the Democrats point is that the first war, against Hussein, caused the second war, against al Qaeda and Iranian proxies, then I am happy to admit that we are at fault. Yes, removing Hussein from power led to a power vacuum in which Khommeinists and al Qaeda jihadists emerged. Our postwar military actions certainly didn't help.

So, because our actions against one enemy led to the emergence of a far more dangerous second enemy, then the answer is to ...... not fight the greater second enemy?

That logic baffles the mind! We defeated the Nazis, but that victory led to the emergence of a far more powerful and deadly enemy---the Soviet Union. The Nazis only wanted to control Europe, but the Soviet Unions had in mind the worldwide people's state. And, even worse, they had the weapons and capability of killing every single soul on the entire world.

By the logic of Democrats today, fighting the Soviet Union for 50 years in the Cold War was a mistake because it was "hard", "costly", a "mire", seemingly "endless", and because our own actions led to that war.

3) Root for the home team, or get the hell out of the stadium.

Jules Crittenden has related.

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