May 24, 2007

Rusty's Ireland Photo Essay

For the ten people interested in this sort of thing, here are some photos I took while in Ireland. Seriously, the Irish board of tourism should be paying me for this.

Fast and useful "facts" about Ireland:

F*ck is the most commonly used adjective in Ireland. Shite is the second.

There are more Poles in Dublin than Irish.

Gallic football is a lot like soccer, only not so ghey.

Fully 75% of the population is addicted to craic.

Of all the legacies of British Imperialism, driving on the wrong side of the road is by far the worst.

Don't bother with a road map in Ireland. None of the roads are marked so knowing the name of the road your lost on doesn't really help.

In Ireland the police are called the "garda". That's Gallic for honest graft.

There are no hot young chicks in Poland, they've all emmigrated to Ireland.

Photos below.

Ireland 165.jpg

Roundtower of monastic settlement built about 6th century C.E.

More photos below

Ireland 021.jpg

Kilmainham Jail where many nationist figures were held, and sometimes executed, during various uprisings against the British. You may recognize from such movies as "In the Name of the Father".

Ireland 046.jpg

Stone building at Newgrange. The mounds at Newgrange are older than the Egyptian pyramids.

ireland 98.jpg

Actual rainbow in Ireland, over Malahide harbor. I guess I was just lucky.

Ireland 125.jpg

At St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Ireland 148.jpg

A rare site: a boat on the Liffy.

Ireland 195.jpg

Rusty drives in Ireland, motorists beware!

Ireland 212.jpg

A country church.

Ireland 216.jpg

Irish folk singers at small country pub. Usually you find this kind of thing at places where tourists congregate, but this was the real deal. These guys were surprised that we walked in. In between songs, one of the guys would pass out Sinn Fein literature. Sinn Fein is one of the smallest parties in the Republic, but enjoys quite a following in County Kerry. Elections are today in Ireland.

Ireland 243.jpg

Ancient stone wall on Dingle peninsula. This same wall was used to fend off the Celtic, Viking, and Norman invasions and was still in use up until the potato famine of the 19th century.

Ireland 261.jpg

A "two lane" road on the Dingle peninsula.

Ireland 264.jpg

Dingle peninsula. Beautiful and rewarding if you're up for about 20 near death experiences driving this incredibly dangerous road.

Ireland 280.jpg

Old church built by early Christians. No mortar, yet still water tight.

Ireland 287.jpg

After awhile you see so many ruined little castle, you just kind of tune them out. This particular castle was built right next to a farm house. At other places, you'd see kids playing soccer in their shadows or sheep grazing around them. Another mile, another castle....

Ireland 293.jpg

The abbey at the Rock of Cashel.

Ireland 285.jpg

Sunset over Dingle peninsula.

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