May 18, 2007

Another Flavor of Political Suicide?

Posted at Captain's Journal:

[W]hile the various conservative commentaries and blogs seem to get [immigration] about right, no one seems to be focusing on what the immigration phenomenon will do to the political scene in the coming decade.

If [Robert] Rector is right concerning the numbers, we will be adding tens of millions of voters to the rolls in the coming decade. These voters are by and large socialistic. The Mexican political landscape is possibly the most Marxist in the world along with a few other South American countries, and the common man in Mexico has been steeped in the politics of "oppression" for at least 70 years. Further, his religion, while ostensibly Roman Catholic, is really a form of liberation theology with the trappings of Catholicism. The typical Mexican has heard the politics of oppression not just from their politicians, but from their clergy as well. . . .

The coming years will see a cataclysmic shift in the political scene in America with the addition of millions of voters who have been trained to believe that they are “oppressed” by the bourgeois elite and who, by the gift of a vote, will then be empowered to take from the middle class the things that they see as rightfully theirs.

Why … why … why … is no one talking about this coming political earthquake?

There's a write-up on liberation theology here, if you're interested. I'm not an expert in Mexican political philosophy, but I don't find any of this hard to believe. Despite what you may have heard, Mexico is not an impoverished country because of its geography, its native species, or its name, or because it is exploited by the U.S., or because the ghost of Montezuma keeps it down, or because of its cuisine, its music or its national sport. Mexico is not an impoverished country because it lacks natural resources or hardworking people. Mexico is not kept down by the predations of the Chupacabra. Mexico is an impoverished country with a completely messed up political landscape because of its political culture--i.e., the political philosophy of its voters. These are pretty much the same types of voters you'll find in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas--with the same results.

Now, I can certainly understand why the Democrats want to give voting rights to tens of millions of brand new, poor, uneducated voters prepared to vote for the politician who'll promise the largest level of redistribution of wealth. Bringing in millions more of these voters makes perfect sense for the Democrats. But why the hell are the Republicans on board for this?

h/t : Larwyn.

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