May 17, 2007

Is "Torture" the New Gay Marriage?

Tom Macguire thinks so, and he raises some interesting points:

And since torture works, sometimes, this is a real issue - I would love to see the Dem candidates tackle this at one of their debates (as if!). Would they ever contemplate torturing a terrorist, presumably after first reading him his rights and apologizing for the many indignities the United States has heaped upon his country and the world? Imagine my suspense.
The analogy isn't quite there, but I see his point. Court-imposed gay marriage was a political boost for the GOP in 2004. People across the country were mortally offended by it, and the Dems were unable to craft a politically-viable position on it. "Enhanced interrogation" could be a similar issue for the GOP in '08.

I can see the ad now... The GOP nominee (who will, of course, be Fred Thompson) explains the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in substantial detail. He elaborates on the intel gathered and the lives saved by that intel. Then looks straight into the camera and says something along the lines of: "Friends, a free nation doesn't torture people--but what we did to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wasn't "torture" to anyone but hyperactive left-wing ACLU lawyers. I'm gonna tell you right now that none of the techniques we used on this thug should ever be off the table when American lives are at stake. And under my administration, they won't be."

Don't try to tell me that won't sell like hotcakes in Ohio.

h/t : Glenn

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