May 13, 2007

Mullah Dadullah Dead, Updated Images/Video

deaddadullah3.jpg(Kandahar, Afghanistan) The one-legged operations commander of the Taliban, Mullah Dadullah, is reported dead. He was killed last night in a U.S.-led coalition operation supported by NATO and Afghan Security Forces in the Girishk District of the Helmand Province.

NATO has confirmed the death and a reporter familiar with Dadullah has seen and recognized his body.

The bearded face was pale and splattered with blood, and he appeared to have suffered a head wound.

Placed on a stretcher, the corpse was partially covered with a purple cloth. The left leg was missing.

The Afghan governor of Kandahar Province, Assadullah Khalid, also confirmed the killing.
"He was killed last night and right now I have his body before me."
Dadullah was a member of the Taliban leadership council and prominent military commander who specialized in suicide bombing, kidnappings of foreigners and beheadings. He also was known for his boastful videos and his ability to access the media.

Dadullah's death is considered a serious blow to the Taliban. A Pakistani newspaper editor said, "I think this is the biggest loss for the Taliban in the last six years. I don't think they can find someone as daring and as important as Dadullah."

Update by Howie: Live Leak Video of Deadullah's corpse here(warning graphic). Images below the fold.

Update II: Taliban claims Deadullah still alive?

Let's hope not...I've added a few common pics of live Mullah Deadullah for comparison below.

Update III: Hooray! He really is dead, Really, you don't have to replace live people.



Deadullah living pics below.





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