May 09, 2007

Freedom Journal Iraq #642

Delivering Fertilizer
Beefing Up Security
Freedom Journal Iraq #642
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #642

Update: Google says

Your video "Freedom Journal Iraq Episode 642" was rejected because it didn't comply with our Program Policies.
Heh, that's funny because according to MNF
All content on is public domain and may be used freely
They didn't reject this video or this one.

My conclusion, Google Hates America and the Iraqi people.

Well, by golly I was right, they do hate America.

Update: Results! Rather than reinstate Freedom Journal Iraq #642 the smartasses at google rejected the ISI Iraqi Guards Murdered video (uploaded and accepted on 04/19). Why? because people die in it and it is not Americans doing the dying. We wouldn't want the public to see that the "resistance" in iraq are actually blood-thirsty murderers now would we?

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To be fair. Yahoo rejected the Zawahiri vid right away. Good for them. I've been using google vid more often becuase Yahoo vid has been slow processing. Up to 24 hours. But it worked today so.......

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