May 08, 2007

So Who Do We Nuke?

AllahP's post on who would get the nuke if a nuke were set off here is an interesting one (and hopefully the US government has been thinking about this prior to now).

I felt that the comment preceding mine was truly fatwa worthy and genuine leftist-defined thoughtcrime - which is why it was so interesting:

In the event of a nuclear terrorist strike on the United States, both Mecca AND Medina MUST suffer a nuclear strike in retaliation. It is the ONLY response that makes sense. Not only would it be necessary to nuke those cities, but it would ONLY be a sufficient response if the “dirtiest” nuclear device in the U.S. inventory were utilized in the strike. By “dirty” nuke, I mean a device that would make their two “holiest” sites completely uninhabitable (certain poison to human life) for the next 10,000 years. The nuclear contamination MUST be THAT severe.

Okay. Now. WHY?

Because it is the ONLY way to STOP the violence. The total, complete, and eternal destruction of their “holiest” sites would END Islam, once and for all. Islam is a system of “works”. The fanatic element responsible for the violence is trying to perform “works” (on Allah’s behalf) that will secure a guarantee of eternal reward (in paradise). One of their required works is that “at least once in their life” they must make a pilgrimage to their holy sites. If they can not make their pilgrimage, they can not complete the “works” required to secure their “salvation”. By their own stupid rules, outlined their “holy” books, if Mecca and Medina were unapproachable, then ALL muslims all doomed to eternal damnation.

So what effect would this have? Simple. It would completely destroy all incentive…to do ANYTHING. There would no longer be ANY point in being a Muslim, because there would be no possibility of ever being able to do the “works” required by Allah to secure eternal reward. Within a generation, Islam would disappear from the face of the earth.

Game over. (Game, set, match, actually).

CyberCipher on May 8, 2007 at 11:48 PM

Now while this is interesting on a number of levels, I think one of the negative results would be a lot of random and already-pissed off Muslims blowing gaskets, regularly going on violent rampages and murder sprees. Wait...that happens every day.

Maybe it'll burn itself out.

I'll tell you what, though. If so much as a firecracker goes off in this country somewhere in the name of Islam in the future, I might be somewhere in CyberCipher's neighborhood again. And it does not give me pleasure to say that.

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