May 08, 2007

Muslim Students Invite Terror Supporters, Holocaust Denier to Speak at Holocaust Week

ward_churchill.JPGThe University of California Irvine Muslim Student Union has invited terror supporting Imam, Abdel Alim Musa of Washington, D.C., and fraudulent academic Ward Churchill to speak during Holocaust Week.

Musa openly supports Palestinian terrorists and denies that al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks. He is also a holocaust denier and an antisemitic conspiracy theorist (see this, this, or video here).

Ward Churchill is the University of Colorado Professor who called those killed on 9/11 "little Eichmann's" proclaiming, just like Osama bin Laden, that American civilians were legitimate military targets. It was later discovered that Churchill had made up several sources in his "academic" papers, actually citing his own pseudonymn.

The purpose behind inviting the pair seems to be to deflect public attention from the 6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany, and instead try to focus it on the historical injustices of American slavery and treatment of Native Americans. No speakers seem to have been invited from Darfur, where Arab Muslims are in a continuing genocide against Black Muslims, or other areas of the Sudan, where Muslims have long been engaged in genocide against Christians and animists. Nor will speakers address the very real problem of slavery in its last remaining stronghold---Muslim nations.

The UCI Muslim Student Union invites terror supporters and Holocaust deniers to speak during Holocaust week. I'd like to say un-freaking-believable, but I won't. This is totally believable....and sad...and disgusting.

Student of Objectivism has more of the details.

UPDATE and Related: I just opened an e-mail from Brian at Snapped Shot. Bad things are happening at that long-time bastion of liberty, George Mason University. I'm all for tolerance and accomodation. But at some point there is a line which is crossed in which tolerance for Islamic practices becomes a pretext for the introduction of islands of sharia.

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