May 05, 2007

Zawahiri Mocks Democrat's Surrender Bill (Updated, Bumped With Video)

zawahiri0507.jpgNo matter what words Harry Reid uses, redeployment, withdrawl, timetable, al-Qaeda see's it as surrender. It's a damn shame too that the Democrats handed Zawahiri this propaganda just as al-Qeada in Iraq's back is against the wall and our Apache crews are making short work of the Taliban's spring offensive.

Via ABCNEWS: In a new video posted today on the Internet, al Qaeda's number two man, Ayman al Zawahiri, mocks the bill passed by Congress setting a timetable for the pullout of U.S. troops in Iraq.

"This bill will deprive us of the opportunity to destroy the American forces which we have caught in a historic trap," Zawahiri says in answer to a question posed to him an interviewer.

Continuing in the same tone, Zawahiri says, "We ask Allah that they only get out of it after losing 200,000 to 300,000 killed, in order that we give the spillers of blood in Washington and Europe an unforgettable lesson."

Laura Mansfield has more and a copy available for download here.

Update: Video added, below the fold. Note the message is dated 04/28/07. That date is included in the original filename as well.

Update: Higher quailty version added below.

(Update: Click the image for video)
really stonedbegging.JPG
(Higher quality 100 meg + version here)

Vicki No-Viel has more on Zawahiri mocking the Iraq pullout bill here.

The tide is turning quickly. EVERONE now hates al-Qaeda's guts. They would have no hope but for what Harry and Nancy spotted them.

The Doctor will find out soon enough the blood he lusts for will come from he and his own. That is, unless we surrender when we should be demanding one?!

(I don't really see a need to add a transcript here. Laura has one up at the above link.)

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