April 28, 2007

Thinking Out Loud: Abd al-Hadi -- al Muhajiroun Connection?

Pardon my speculation, but as soon as I learned that the Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was the 7/7 London bombing mastermind, I couldn't help but think that it was a bit singular that six former al Mujahiroun goons, including Abu Izzadeen who publicly supported the 7/7 terrorists, were arrested just days before the announcement that Abd al-Hadi was in U.S. custody.

Glen Jenvey has been insisting to me for some time that ever since the arrest of Abu Hamza (which he had a hand in) that Omar Bakri Mohammed, and his two right-hand men Abu Izzadeen and Anjem Choudary, were the face of al Qaeda in Britain. A charge that is backed up by hours of video and audio of the group supporting jihadists, including al Qaeda, and Omar Bakri Mohammed's pre-9/11 boasting that he was the spokesperson for al Qaeda in the U.K., an affiliation he later denied.

But another fact suddenly comes to mind, something that didn't really click until just now. The forum on which Izzadeen and other Bakri followers now congregate is called "Islam Base". Al Qaeda literally means, "the Base". *Rusty slaps forehead for overlooking the obvious*

And while the public Islam Base website has taken down literature written by Osama bin Laden, after we exposed them, in private forum members continue to exchange al Qaeda literature.

So, given that there is plenty of evidence that Omar Bakri Mohammed's "Islam Base" followers also support al Qaeda, six of those followers are now in jail, and the al Qaeda operative who masterminded the 7/7 London bombings has just been publicly transferred to Guantanamo, I'm wondering if maybe the two events are somehow connected? Either the decision to make Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi's capture public because of the arrest of the six, or the arrest of the six because of the imminent transfer of al-Hadi to Guantanamo after which his detention would no longer be a secret?

And, as long as we are speculating, I would be remiss in not linking a post over at Atlas Shrugs about the possible connection between a former al Muhajiroun arrested in New York some time ago for financing, you guessed it, al Qaeda, and the recent arrest of a Tamil Tiger terrorist who apparently lived a few doors down. Again, a bit singular. And, again, a connection Glen Jenvey has been pointing out to me for some time, which, to be honest, I've mostly ignored. No more.

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